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Attunity CloudBeam with Attunity Replicate for Amazon Redshift

Attunity CloudBeam on-premises Database to Amazon Redshift Replication with Replicate for Amazon Redshift is an optimized data loading solution for Amazon Redshift, AWS’s new data warehouse in the cloud. Attunity’s offering is being designed to provide a high-speed, scalable and fully-managed solution designed to move data from enterprise databases into...

Demonstration: Attunity Replicate for Amazon RDS

For organizations looking to run Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL in the Cloud, Amazon RDS can be an attractive proposition. With Amazon RDS, organizations enjoy a cost-efficient, scalable solution that requires virtually no administration. However, while organizations look to capitalize on the potential operational gains, they face the challenge of...

Domain Power Enables Big Data Analytics in the Cloud with Attunity CloudBeam and Amazon Redshift

Read this case study to learn how DomainPower, a bidding exchange connecting online advertisers to rich native advertising inventory, used Attunity CloudBeam to load data quickly and easily into Amazon Redshift to enable real-time data synchronization between their on-premises databases and their cloud data warehouse.

Lawrence Schwartz at PerconaLive 2014 on TheCUBE

Lawrence Schwartz, VP of Marketing at Attunity, talks about Attunity's new product releases, Maestro, and support for MySQL in the Attunity Replicate product, with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly at PerconaLive 2014 on TheCUBE.

Etix Performs Complex Queries on Transactional Data Using Amazon Redshift, Jaspersoft & Attunity CloudBeam

Find out how Etix, an independent ticketing company, uses Amazon Redshift, Jaspersoft and Attunity CloudBeam to perform large computations and comprehensive data analysis across 13 years of transactional data.

CenturyLink Technology Solutions Offers Clients Seamless Integration with Attunity RepliWeb

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by technology industry analyst firms. The Company is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. CenturyLink provides data, voice and managed services...

Attunity RepliWeb 5.2 - For Simple XML Configuration Transformations

When managing the Content & Application Lifecycle across Web Environments (commonly Development, Staging, & Production), organizations must often deploy and modify XML configuration files specific to each IIS Application. Manual changes involve a time-consuming, multi-step process to both move and update files, most commonly 'web.config', with environment-specific attributes/values for connection...

dwp: Award-Winning Design Firm Uses Managed File Transfer to Improve Client Satisfaction & Streamline Operations

Bangkok-based dwp | design worldwide partnership is an award-winning, one-stop integrated design company with 12 offices in 10 countries. The company uses Attunity MFT to enable employees to send files to colleagues and clients efficiently, saving time and money while reducing administrative burdens for dwp’s IT team.

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Automates File Transfers to Comply With Internal Audit Requirements & Increase Productivity

As one of the leading community financial institutions in the Tampa Bay area, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union strives to provide members with the financial solutions they need to grow through life. Attunity MFT helps Grow Financial automate critical business processes—saving time for employees, improving auditability, and enhancing network security.