Attunity Replicate

Universal Platform for Data Replication and Data Ingestion

Enterprise-wide Data Distribution

As companies increasingly rely on better big data insights to succeed, they must also invest in solutions that ensure data can be shared easily and quickly throughout the organization. Leading companies today that are effectively able to collect and distribute key operational information in a timely manner will thrive. Those that do not will struggle to compete.

Speed and performance are key. All industries must put a heavy emphasis on speed when designing their big data analytics programs to ensure that the technology is as useful as possible. This requires a dedicated data distribution solution like Attunity Replicate. Without such resources, bottlenecks will inevitably emerge, leading to delays and inefficiencies. As soon as it is created, big data value begins to depreciate with time. The longer the time between creation and utilization, the less effective the information for analytics and reporting will prove to be.

To avoid the perils of big data bottlenecks and maximize the effectiveness of their analytics solutions, firms should consider investing in data replication. With a high quality data replication solution, a company can optimize its distribution of data throughout the organization, ensuring that all analytics teams have access to the raw materials they need as soon as possible, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the technology as a whole.  Attunity Replicate answers these requirements and enables enterprises to achieve the following:

  • Deliver timely information for BI and decision support
  • Enable operational reporting without impacting production databases
  • Replicate data without the need to install software on source and target databases
  • Reduce cost of ownership
  • Improve return on investment with quick time-to-value

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