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Matt Nollman, March 7, 2016

The way we bank is changing. There’s no doubt about it. According to the Millennial Disruption Index and the San Diego Union-Tribune , 1 in 3 millennials are open to switching banks in the next 90 days. And according to this article , less than 50% of Gen Y are likely to continue with their primary bank in the next six months.

Dan Woods, February 19, 2016

Research from EY, among many other data points, proves that data is the key to growth and competitive advantage in financial services. Learn how one National Bank overcame data growth and regulatory compliance challenges in the final post of the Dan Woods series.

Kevin Petrie, November 2, 2015

This is the second in a series of blogs that examine how Fortune 500 companies use Attunity Visibility to manage their data more effectively. Part Two focuses on data warehouse performance.

Kevin Petrie, October 29, 2015

Microsoft has empowered businesses to create, share and capitalize on data for most of four decades.

And we have partnered with Microsoft for more than 20 years, including a decade of collaboration on SQL Server. So I’m especially excited to discuss data management best practices with our customers at the annual SQL Pass conference this week.

We understand that as you adopt hybrid cloud environments, you need full mobility to analyze the right data in the right place at the right time. You might need some workloads on premise, using Microsoft Analytics Platform with SQL and...

Martin Hamilton, June 3, 2015

The UK is the largest insurance market in Europe and the third largest in the world, and plays an essential role in the UK’s economic strength. However, in recent years the industry has been under increasing pressure, from the 2009 stock market crash to the latest pension regulatory changes.

Kevin Petrie, April 14, 2015

Remember Richard Fuld ?

Next month Fuld, a lightning rod for Wall Street criticism, will give his first major public speech since Lehman Brothers collapsed on his watch as CEO in September 2008. As we all remember, that event contributed to a surprise implosion in global markets, jobs and our 401K plans.

Kevin Maguire, March 19, 2015

This week, we headed to New York City for a Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) event focused on Harnessing Wall Street Data.