Poly-Wood uses Attunity Compose to Streamline Data Warehouse Creation

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The Attunity team was excited to announce this week that Poly-Wood, LLC, an outdoor furniture manufacturer, has chosen our data warehouse automation solution, Attunity Compose, to accelerate its data warehousing build process to enable faster analytics delivery in support of business decision making.

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To maintain its trajectory of year-over-year business growth, the team at Poly-Wood
decided to augment their existing business intelligence solution with a formal data warehouse initiative.

Poly-Wood previously used a third-party data integration and business intelligence tool to create its data warehouse, but it was not meeting the needs of the business. The Poly-Wood team sought out a new automation solution that would reduce the manual coding required to design and load their data warehouse, as well as support a wide variety of in-house analytics tools. These capabilities would enable their employees to make more informed, data-driven decisions based on more timely information. 

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Poly-Wood evaluated multiple data warehouse automation tools and adopted Attunity Compose. Using Attunity Compose, they can now create a data warehouse in one day – rather than ten days – and they have access to real-time information across the organization. Attunity Compose provides a streamlined, wizard-driven experience that automates the generation of the data warehouse and related ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes.

Sean Rassi, Vice President of Design and Technology at Poly-Wood, said, “Having real-time and historical data in front of employees, customers, and investors at the moment that questions arise is invaluable. Thanks to Attunity Compose, our ability to make decisions faster and more effectively has increased at least tenfold.”

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