Mercedes-Benz maximise their investment in SAP with Attunity Gold Client

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The Complex World of SAP

Mercedes-Benz are renowned the world over for well-engineered, safe, reliable cars designed to maximise driver experience with style, comfort and easy to use controls.

Their business is underpinned and run by SAP. Whilst more than adequate at helping their business “run better”, the world of SAP sometimes leads to its own nuances and complexities, especially as the database grows.

With as many as twenty independent Dev systems supporting a continuous stream of new development projects, one can start to appreciate the Mercedes-Benz need for a slick Test Data Management solution

As you would expect, the volumes of materials run into millions and takes up around 1TB of disk space purely on its own, hardly conducive to fast efficient regular full system refreshes.

Access The Test Data You Really Need

Attunity Gold Client is an SAP certified solution that has been designed and refined since 2001 to deliver a complete, easy to use Test Data Management solution, that is able to build systems, keep them in sync and quickly create small fully functional clients, which form a basis for supporting the most powerful and flexible methods for the functional SAP user to transform, synchronise and copy select data subsets across the SAP landscapes.

One further appeal is the added benefit of additional use cases which include being able to significantly reduce the number of transports needed for a new development; and copy the exact data relating to a production issue into QA and debug it there to discover the source of the problem.

Find out for yourself at SAP TechEd Europe

Join me and the rest of the Attunity team in the exhibition hall at SAP TechEd Europe in Barcelona from 8-10 November for a personalised live demo of Attunity Gold Client and to learn how we can help you to maximise the value of your investment in SAP.

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